I am Ian Alexio, and I am probably scripting speculative fiction as we speak.

Since a young age, I was programmed to read profusely. It was the “choose your own adventure” books that first turned me on to reading. To me, these stories were more akin to video games than mandated tasks. Adventures I could relive over and over with varied outcomes. It wasn’t long before I upgraded my taste to the popular fantasy and science fiction of the day. Thou indifferent to the act of reading itself. What draws my optical sensors to scan page after page is the raw data I obtain. Precious data that I am inclined to store in my memory banks for further analysis. Processing lines of text is no different to me than a CPU interpreting 1’s and 0’s. Books are just detailed instructions for a hi-res playback in my mind. Paper cartridges that transport me to a virtual experience far more immersive than electronic VR. (Better graphics too, I might add.) Alas, one cannot intake vast amounts of input without the spark of inspiration to share new output. As of late, I have altered my BIOS to R/W, partitioning my talents to not only enjoy works of fiction but to create it as well. In the not too distant future, I plan to publish additional sets of self-scribed instructions to transport others to worlds of my creation. If my calculations are correct, you will thoroughly enjoy my work.